The SkillZilla App Vision

Now Available on Mobile!

Our first mobile app version is live on the App Store, and Android is under review. For a limited time, you can download and use the app for free.


In exchange, we'd like your feedback on the video formats and content and anything else you'd like to see in future versions. 


As this is a first release, features are limited. We've got big plans for future releases and want YOUR input on them. Download the app today and help us shape the future of life skills education.

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Learn the Skills You Need to Win at Life


SkillZilla is a revolutionary app designed to equip today's young adults with essential life skills at the touch of their fingers.

Our innovative platform offers interactive courses on critical thinking, effective communication, practical abilities, and financial management.
SkillZilla challenges you to level up your life skills by competing with your peers as you earn hot streaks, which can be converted into real-life rewards. Each lesson follows a Read-Listen-Do format, with written, spoken, visual, and kinesthetic activities to maximize retention!

We're coming to mobiles in 2024. Sign up to save your spot and be one of the first to rule the jungle of life.


Take on the World with SkillZilla


We packed all the life skills every adult needs into one app! No need to search social posts, hunt down YouTube videos, or learn the hard way. SkillZilla teaches you these skills while you earn streaks, prizes and graduate to mentor future users. 

Topics Include:

  • Financial Management
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home Maintenance
  • Car Maintenance
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Digital Literacy
  • Time Management
  • Legal and Civil Basics
  • Growth and Discovery
  • Career Development
  • Travel and Public Transit
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Compete Against Friends


Ready to prove you're the top dino in town? Join our exciting contests to showcase your skills! Each contest is an opportunity for personal growth.
Whether you're as fast as a Velociraptor or as strong as a Stegosaurus, we pair winning with personal development. 
Compete for leaderboard positions, earn hot streaks, and earn "leaves," aka SkillZilla buck$, you can trade for goodies, gift cards, and gear.
We're here to boost your journey with loads of fun, amazing friendships, and valuable skills. Let's get ready to have some fun, learn, and dive into a T-riffic future!


Grow Your Dino in Stages


Are you ready to unleash your inner Zillasaur with SkillZilla? Mastering every life skill brings you closer to conquering the challenges of adulthood. Whether you're beginning as a hatchling or evolving into a towering land dweller, each level-up unlocks a new skill, marks an achievement, and propels you toward greater success!


At SkillZilla, we transform tiny steps into colossal leaps. It's time to break out of your shell, march confidently toward success, and craft a truly remarkable future!


Plus, as you progress through the lessons, watch your avatar grow to reflect your newfound skills and achievements!


Learn Your Way


With SkillZilla's life skills app, you can customize your learning experience. Choose between two dynamic approaches tailored to your preferences: Interactive or Continuous.


Our interactive learning option offers a hands-on experience for those who thrive on engagement and interaction. Dive into immersive lessons where you can actively participate, solve challenges, and level up against your peers.


Alternatively, if you prefer a more seamless and uninterrupted learning journey, SkillZilla's continuous learning option provides a fluid and flexible experience. You can seamlessly transition from one lesson to the next at your own pace without any breaks in momentum.


Choose your own adventure in SkillZilla! 


Build Your Community


At SkillZilla, we're more than just a learning platform—we're a thriving community of motivated learners! Jump into our chat boards to connect with fellow Zillasaurs, share tips, and seek advice on mastering life's challenges. 
Feeling wise beyond your years? Mentor younger learners and watch them grow into their own Zillasaur selves. For those who thrive on friendly competition, challenge your pals to epic showdowns and see who can conquer the most skills in the most dino-tastic way possible! 
With SkillZilla, the learning journey is not just educational; it's a roaring good time filled with camaraderie and fun!

screen image of adding family members to the app, with cartoons of dinosaurs in various stages of development

Parents? You're On Deck. 

Bullies? See Yourself Out.


At SkillZilla, safety and respect are our top priorities in fostering a positive learning environment. We take a firm stance against bullying, ensuring that every Zillasaur feels empowered and supported throughout their journey. 

Our strict anti-bullying policies allow you to learn and grow without fear of negativity or harassment. After all, nothing should stand in the way of unleashing your inner greatness!

Parents and educators fear not! SkillZilla keeps you in the loop every step of the way. Through our seamless connection, you can track your little Zillasaur's progress, celebrate their achievements, and provide guidance whenever needed. 

It's a win-win situation: learners thrive in a safe and nurturing space, while you can rest assured knowing they're on the path to success, one skill at a time!

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