Connect with Gen Z

& Partner with SkillZilla to Transform Life Skills Education 


SkillZilla bridges the gap between your brand and an audience already seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. Our audience of users includes Gen-Z entrepreneurs, emerging industry professionals, those passionate about personal growth, and those in between – a demographic that values brands contributing to their development and life of thriving.


By aligning with SkillZilla, you’re not just gaining ad space; you’re creating a partnership that positions your brand as an integral part of our audience’s learning experience. Our sponsorship offerings are designed to seamlessly integrate your brand with content that enriches and adds value, ensuring your message resonates deeply with our audience.

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68.6 million of the worldwide Gen Z population lives in the United States.*


of Worldwide Consumers

As 30% of the population and around a 1/4 of the workforce, Gen Z makes up a huge number of consumers.*



In the US alone, Gen Z represents $360B in spending power.*

Sponsorship levels


Start-o-saur Basic Sponsorship

Starting at $500


Ideal for small businesses or newcomers to sponsorship, the Starter Tier lays the foundation for brand recognition within our community.


  • Logo Placement: Be acknowledged on our website.
  • Social Media Mention: Be recognized with other sponsors on our social channels.

Impact-a-don Intermediate Sponsorship

Starting at $1200


Step up your engagement with custom content and increased visibility that captures the essence of your brand.


  • Video Ad/Sponsored Course: Connect through engaging video content.
  • Social Media Shoutouts: Benefit from posts designed to highlight your brand.
  • Content Partnership: Collaborate on a blog post that tells your story to our audience.
  • Newsletter Spotlight: Be featured within our digital mailings.

In-no-va-saur Premium Sponsorship

Starting at $2400


Take a leadership stance and leverage comprehensive sponsorship benefits that underscore your industry authority. The Innovator Tier offers deeper integration and influence for visionary brands prepared to forge a deep, lasting relationship with our community.


  • Custom Video Production: Tell your brand's story through custom video content.
  • Long-Term Social Media Partnership: Create engagement and growth through ongoing promotions.
  • Preferred Partner Status: Stand out as a supporter on SkillZilla’s channels.
  • Community Interactions: Connect with our audience through forums and events.
  • Insightful Analytics: Measure your impact with detailed performance analyses and feedback.

Learn-o-saurus Elite Sponsorship

Starting at $10,000


  • Video Ads - Category Sponsorship: Align your brand with cutting-edge life skills education. Be a part of the lesson creation and have your brand noted as a subject matter expert to our audience.
  • Content Marketing: We’ll design a custom content plan to highlight and showcase your product.
  • Prominent Website Feature: Logo and link listed on our homepage.
  • Social Media Promotions: Engage deeply with our network through co-branded initiatives on social media channels.
  • Event Opportunities: Speak and exhibit your brand in front of our community at exclusive events.

Your impact



Helps us provide free lessons to 33 young adults in need for one month.



Helps us create a lesson that equips 1000s of young people with actionable life skills.



Helps us further our vision to empower 500,000 young people with life skills eduction.



Helps us do in-person events to meet youth where they are and empower them with essential life skills!


Accelerate Your Impact

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