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From the Dinner Table to America's Youth


We're Holly and Daniel, the founders of SkillZIlla, but more importantly, we are parents! With six teenage boys under our roof, we understand the joys, struggles, and absolute chaos that comes with raising young adults. Our story is woven from countless family dinners, road trips, and late-night conversations. 


Our journey began in the hustle and bustle of our own home, somewhere between laughter, sibling rivalries, and a never-ending pile of laundry.


We realized that while our boys were growing up fast, they needed more than just traditional education to prepare them for the future. They needed life skills, resilience, and a strong moral compass.


What started as an idea to help our sons soon took on a roar as friends, families and community members heard our idea to deliver life skills education to young adults through a gamified and competitive app.


And so, this business was born out of our commitment to providing all children with a solid foundation for their future. (And save them from making some of the mistakes we've made)


Join us on this journey!

Holly O'Brien and Daniel O'Brien Jr
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Our Secret sauce?

We're Mission Driven and People First


The heart of our mission is a simple yet powerful belief: every young person deserves the chance to thrive.


Our mission is to empower young adults with the tools and resources to navigate these transformative years successfully and start on the right foot as they transition into adulthood.


We value honesty, respect, and accountability, principles we aim to instill in our family and through our business and life skill courses.

Meet the zillasaurs!

Welcome to Our Herd


Our company is mission-driven and people-first. We believe in learning from our mistakes and victories as humans and channeling those insights into an education platform that supports other young adults and families.


We believe every young adult is unique, and embracing that individuality can be the key to unlocking their potential.


Ultimately, we believe in giving our future leaders the knowledge and skills to navigate the jungle of growing up, chop their way through the thick of it, and emerge on the other side as successful, happy, and purpose-driven adults. 


Meet the team that brings Jurassic-sized fun to your tiny mobile app!

Holly O'Brien CEO of SkillZilla
Holly O'Brien

CEO & Founder

Daniel OBrien Junior COO of SkillZilla-1
Daniel O'Brien Junior

COO & Founder

Stephanie Brooks CMO of SkillZilla-1
Stephanie Brooks

CMO & Co-founder

Saige O'Saur

Motivational Speaker

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